Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Adventures of Worried Duck

Most stuffed animals look as if they could have been any animal if they had a different head.  My daughter’s stuffed animal collection is mostly stocked with bears that have the same body of a monkey, or elephants with the body of bears.  Worried Duck couldn’t have been anything else but Worried Duck.  His round bright yellow head was modeled after a traffic light, and the first time I saw him I officially made him my little family’s mascot.

I am not sure of his origins.  I think my daughter brought him home from a yard sale.  The strand of yarn hair thrown back off of his forehead suggest he had felt the breeze of plenty of bad homes, but once I saw him I knew he had found his final resting place.

My daughter knew I coveted that stuffed animal.  When I would disappear on a vacation I would shove him in my suitcase then take snap shots of him.  The she would look through the pictures and laugh whenever Worried Duck showed up. 

But now he is all mine.

The weird stitching beside his eyes suggests he is squinting.  The way he puckers his beak looks like he eat a sour apple.  Oh yes Worried Duck, with knickers like David Copperfield, now you are all mine.

Take that worried look off your face.  It won’t be that bad.

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  1. So cool and sweet at the same time. I love the idea of a stuffed animal as family mascot/travel companion. What's the duck so worried about though?