Thursday, January 6, 2011

MetroBeat publishing 2002

Origainally published in MetroBeat in 2002

Living Backwards

If we could live backwards
the gravedigger would pull us out of the
ground like potatoes, and everyone
would fear birth because doctors
could charge millions to shove us in
a womb.  All sins would be repented
before they ever happened, and the
evening news would be doomsday
prophecies while lessons we learn
in life will be forgotten tomorrow.

If we could live backwards we would
have to be judged as children and
butterflies would turn into caterpillars
right before we celebrate the ending
of every old year. 

If we could live backwards Christmas
would be a countdown to Jesus
as we shift out of technology and welcome darkness.
Endings would never exist
and we could anticipate introductions,
if we could live life backwards
where every day isn't so fresh.

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