Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thumprints publishing from 2002

Originally published in Thumbprints Feb. 2002


What is a title but sweat from the skin
         liquid rolling
                induced labor

What is a title but a test of temptation
         vanity along the borderline
         eager to inch us in its claws

What is title but a statement
telling you to open your mind
         our there like a billboard
         praying to be found

What is a title but a foreign movie
lost in translation
         frustrated by misinterpretation
         although in its own language
         we are fluently intrigued

What is a title but a pick up line
given to girls with red drinks
in the space of expectancy
        vulnerability, hoping to be witty

What is a title but fish food
         sustenance to be forgotten
         seconds away

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