Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slugfest LTD. publishing 2000

Origanally published by Slugfest LTD winter/spring edition 1999-2000 (forgive me for my youth in this one)

Poetry's Ambition

how many times have I sit here with you
rubbing my thumb up an down you side
getting you hotter and hotter
just waiting for me
then it won't move
my thoughts lay limply
hands folded hopelessly on your white complexion

could I count the times
we have a one way conversation
where you beg for my opinion
I just sit there with nothing to say

some months we don't even talk
from the abuse
of all the stupidity I inflict

the years I have lived
made me better than no one
but above everyone else
with me holding you I am relatively nowhere
how come this is how they describe love
a euphoria of nonunderstanding

I can't understand
why I get so mad at you
at times
then sometimes you make me blush
you're something worse than a women
this notebook and pen

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