Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sunset Park by Paul Auster

"We do not grow stronger as they years advance. The accumulation of sufferings and sorrows weakens our capacity to endure more sufferings and sorrows, and since subberings and sorrows are inevitable, even a small setback late in life cas resound with the same force as a major tragedy when we were young."   -Paul Auster

In the begining we feel as numb as Miles Heller. As the ice of his past starts to melt I was more than willing to follow the drops for what they may nourish. But as the story expanded I was more attached to the other charaters and found the seed dull. The losses that make Miles a "man" is downplayed when he runs away from his problems. I love the intimacy of the picked timeframe in one person's life, and the settings are detailed in a way that are easy to recall when I think about the book. This book may not be beloved as others, but it is entertaning just the same. I just wanted the ending to give a little more.

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