Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yemassee publishing 2003

Originally published in Yemassee in 2003


"Continue walking, continue getting lost."
                              -Kafka, "The Castle" as translated by Alexandre Vialatte

I am afraid
we will never get lost
again.  We will never
look at Australia
on a map as a stone
skipping across the ocean,
and there will be
no morning of glorious
fear where our imaginations
are hungry bears
attacking us for food.
Boats will never be
full of pirates, and
refrigerator boxes
won't send us to space.
All the cowboys run
car dealerships, and the Indians
own casinos.  I can tell
we will never get lost again
so could you please
send someone to find us?

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  1. This is poignant, and profound, and beautiful.